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Wags Video of the Week

Boy Meets Girl. Girl Can't Live Without Boy!

Bonnie & Clyde

This story needs a happy ending. Clyde is a 6 year old boxer/lab mix and Bonnie is his best friend. Bonnie is a 2 year old Pit mix that cannot live without Clyde. He is like her security blanket and she needs him around. This odd couple was found in a parking lot where they willingly jumped into their rescuer's getaway car and found their way to Wags Rescue.

Wags will not consider breaking up this pair and is looking to home them together. Bonnie is somewhat dog selective and a home where they were the only pets would be preferable. They are currently in a foster family with small children and love them and all people.

The Wags Angel Fund has agreed to cover the adoption fee for Clyde if an adopter decides to adopt them both together. This pair of super friendly, sweet dogs would warm up any household. So if you are considering completing your family with two new dogs, keep Bonnie and Clyde in mind and tell a friend. These two would love the security that a forever home would give them.

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Please Sponsor a Heartworm-Positive Dog.

Heartworm is a deadly disease that devastates a dog's internal organs before finally killing the dog. The disease can be treated and is absolutely necessary to save the life of the dog.

Wags has several dogs that are in desperate need of heartworm treatment. In addition to the high cost of heartworm treatment, the cost of food and routine medical care while the dog is undergoing treatment can become quite high.

Wags is asking for people to sponsor one of our heartworm-positive dogs. We are asking for a commitment to a $9.95 monthly donation to sponsor a heartworm-positive dog. Once you become a sponsor, you will receive an email from your pet's foster with the latest news about your pet. You will continue to receive monthly updates as long as you continue to sponsor the dog or until they find a forever home.

If you cannot make a monthly commitment, we welcome one time donations that will be put towards the dog of your choice.


Meet Venango! This energetic, handsome one year old Pit mix is a beautiful shade of rich brown. Weighing in at 40 pounds, he is a compelling, sweet soul. Pulled from a high kill shelter in Eastern North Carolina, Venango is heartworm-positive and is seeking sponsorship for heartworm treatment! Please consider donating to help save him!

Sponsor Venango For $9.95 a month
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