Some Dogs still need fosters!

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Subject: Some Dogs still need fosters!
Date: January 29th 2016

Hi Fosters,

I know most of our homes are maxed out at this point but I have some foster needs.  Please consider one of these if they would fit at all.  

I will entertain any possible switches to get these dogs  covered--like---if my foster gets adopted I will take,  or I will trade so and so for such and such, or I have friend who wants an only dog who will foster ........  You get the idea.

For any new fosters.... if you have questions please ask .......    We are really full from our huge transport and any help fostering you can give is welcome!!!

Kind thoughts,



Brooke is desperate and needs a foster.  NO CATS NO DOGS or a foster willing to crate and rotate.   She is awesome and loving with people.  She has lived with cats and dogs in the past---things have just gotten weird in her life and she would prefer people only at this point.   She  must be kept seperate as a condition to fostering her.

Coming next weekend if we get a foster.       Gretta came from Swainsboro, associated with fosca. She is a curr lab mix,very sweet sweet, girl, She has 9 puppies born 1-21-16. She gets along good with other dogs, she just doesn't want then near her babies. She don't mind if we are near her babies, just not the other dogs. She likes a lot of attention, likes to walk on a leash.  MOM AND PUPPIES ARE A PACKAGE DEAL

Coming next weekend if we get a foster. This is about a 2-3 week commitment. Please let me know asap if you can foster them.
Alexa and litter of 6 came from Dublin AC. She is a feist mix,25 lbs, petite girl. She is a very good mother, the puppies are 5 weeks old and doing good. Alexa and babies have been wormed ,and Alexa is heart worm positive She is a very sweet girl and gets along good with

Marzen in a 10 year old shep mix.  She is very chill. Needs love and understanding.  I will take Sunday if my three puppies get adopted (so if you want a puppy and they aren't adopted --let me know (three Japanese puppies: Koi, Sumo, Dojo)

Blue Jean Baby is an energetic sweet pointer mix that likes to play.  She is a Beta personality but playful.


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