Who can foster this round? 4/10

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Subject: Who can foster this round? 4/10
Date: April 2nd 2016

  Callie needs a 2 week vaca foster.  Who can take her.  She is sweet.

Transport is 4/10 at HVH and we need fosters ---who can take a foster---I need your top 5 picks and will post who is listed for whom on the foster facebook page.  They can't come without a foster.  Please let me know asap if you can foster someone.

Kind thoughts,


Abby Bell, 4-5 yrs, dog friendly, 45 lbs, Collie mix, HW trx, super sweet and calm, better with older kids that won’t overwhelm her 

Annabelle Mae, F, Wirehaired Terrier Mix, 1.5 yrs,  30 lbs, & Baby Capone, M, Lab/Wirehaired Terrier Mix, 8 weeks, 9 lbs, good with kids and other dogs!  Super sweet!

Aslan, M, GSD, 130 lbs, 6 yrs old, good with kids of all ages, gets along with dogs (would prefer to not have puppies jump all over him) HW trx

Beauty Bear, F, Golden Retriever Mix, 6-7 yrs, 53 lbs, Good with kids and other dogs


Bianca, F, Lab/Foxhound, 42 lbs, 7 yrs, good with kids, other dogs, housebroken & crate trained

Biscuit, M, Labrador, 10 months, 70 lbs, good with kids and dogs, Lab puppy energy



Carmen, F, 18 lbs, Beagle/Hound mix, PENDING ADOPTION

Cattle Dog Puppy, 3 months TBD

Cupcake, F, Yorkie, 6 yrs, 8 lbs, loves people, good with other dogs

Darcie, F, Wheaton Terrier mix, 7 yrs, 30 lbs, Good with kids, dogs and cats

Gracie Francois, F, 29 lbs, French Bulldog, 4 yrs old, good with other dogs, best with kids over age 12.

Lucky Pups (5) – Treated for mange, 13 wks, Cattle Dog Mixes @

-Belfast, M, 8 lbs, -Dublin, M, 8 lbs, -Finley, F, 7.5 lbs, -Genny, F, 6 lbs (Pending Adoption) -Patty, F, 6 lbs,


Lulubelle, F, Chihuahua, 4 yrs, 7 lbs


Mab, F, Wirehaired Terrier mix, 1.5 yrs, 24.2 lbs, good with kids and other dogs.

Malise, F, Wirehaired Terrier mix, 1.5 yrs, 36 lbs, good with kids and dogs

Marin, F, Wirehaired Terrier mix, 1.5 yrs, 29 lbs, good with kids and dogs

Max Wake, M, Golden/Lab mix, 2 yrs, 49 lbs, PERFECT DOG!!

Maverick Reno, M, 18 months, 7 lbs, good with dogs


Mercedes, F, Yorkie, 3 yrs, 7.5 lbs

Midori, F, Wirehaired Terrier Mix, 1.5 yrs, 24 lbs, good with kids and dogs,

Novalee Nation, F, Yorkie Mix, 1 yr, 8 lbs

Pearce, M, Flatcoated Retriever Mix, 3-4 yrs, 70 lbs, HW TRX, NO CATS or SMALL DOGS, Best with larger dogs


Petey, M, Beagle, 4 yrs, 16 lbs, HW Trx


Pongo, M, Dalmatian Mix, 12 months, 60 lbs, great with kids and dogs

Robin Silver Dream, F, Yorkie, 6 yrs., 8 lbs, loves people

Rodrick, M, Black Lab, 2 yrs, 55 lbs


Roma, F, Rottweiler Mix, 7 yrs, 70 lbs, good with kids, dogs and cats, *HW TRX*

Schmidt, M, Boxer Mix, 9 wks, 13 lbs, good with dogs

Skittles, F, Yorkie/Terrier Mix, 1 yr, 8 lbs, Good with kids and other dogs.


Sgt. Bruno, M, GSD, 1 yr, 80 lbs, ADOPTED


Sophie Marie, F, Beagle Mix, 5 yrs, 20 lbs

Spot, M, Dalmatian/Lab/Boxer Mix, 8 months, 52 lbs



Hoke Lab Mom & 6 puppies (Lab/Shep/Boxer mixes, 6 wks)


Waldo, M, Golden/Corgi Mix, 3 yrs, 41 lbs, *HW TRX*, good with kids, cats and dogs


Aubrey (F/9w/15lbs on 3/8/16/cattle dog mix)          

PA Foster ~    Sandy O


Baloo (MN/1.5yrs/64lbs/retriever mix/HW-)          

PA Foster ~


PA Foster ~


Bolero (M/9w/15lbs on 3/8/16/ret mix)          

PA Foster ~


Bunn Mama (FS/2yrs/32lbs/HW-/cattle dog mix)     

PA Foster ~               

Country Bumpkin Pups x 4 (9w/20lbs on 3/18/16)         

PA Foster

  • Cletus(m)
  • John Boy(m) 
  • Bobby Jo(f)  


Cupid (MN/2yrs/56lbs/HW-/pitbill)               

PA Foster ~


Dancer (MN/1.5yrs/53lbs/HW-/pit mix)           

PA Foster ~


Dickens (NM/2yrs/62lbs/pit mix/HWT)              

PA Foster ~              


Fast Eddie (NM/1.5yrs/31lbs/HW-/hound  mix)          

PA Foster ~Judy G

Gavin (NM/2yrs/50lbs/HW-/lab ret mix)          

PA Foster ~           

Gretta Lou (SF/6yrs/64lbs/HW-/shep/retriever terrier mix)  

PA Foster ~

Heiniken (NM/2yrs/50lbs/HW-/american bull terrier mix)   

PA Foster ~


Hops Farm Pups x 3 (9w/10lbs on 3/23/16)           

PA Foster ~

  • Noble Hops(m)  
  • Chinook Hops(f) 
  • Palisade Hops(f)


Jonesy (MN/1.5yrs/13lbs/HW-/terrierX)          

PA Foster ~


Kavi (MN/8yrs/11lbs/HW-/shitzu)    SPECIAL NEEDS ~ BLIND  

PA Foster ~

Little Black Book (SF/1.5yrs/59lbs/HWT)          

PA Foster ~


Little Black Dress (SF/1.5yrs/HW-)              

PA Foster ~


Millie Mae (SF/1.5yrs/35lbs/HW-/shep mix)         

PA Foster ~


PA Foster ~



Neville Tay (MN/1yr/31lbs/HW-/hound mix)          

PA Foster ~

Olsen (M/14w/30lbs on 3/29/16/shep pup)          

PA Foster ~

Parmalee Pups x 5 (6w/10lbs on 2/29/16/ret mix)       

PA Foster ~Debbie and Mike Stotler

  • Parks(m) 
  • Parable(f)  
  • Parasol(f) 
  • Parchisi(f)
  • Parley(f)           


Patches Toomey (NM/1yr/57lbs/HW-/houndX)       

PA Foster ~               


Porsche (FS/9m/42lbs on 3/31/16/HW-/pitX)          

PA Foster ~


Precious Indigo (FS/4yrs/15lbs/HW-/shih tzu)       Not Available

PA Foster ~Emily Schnarr               


Rhapsody Roo (SF/4yrs/48lbs/hound X/HWT)          

PA Foster ~


Sasha Bee/Boyette  (FS/4yrs/20lbs/HW-/JRT)          

PA Foster ~

Signy (SF/<1yr/35lbs/HW-/lab ret mix)             

PA Foster ~


Smith Tay                          

PA Foster ~

 (MN/1.5yrs/40lbs/HW-/plotthound mix)       

PA Foster ~


Zeus (NM/1yr/64lbs/HW-/pitbull lab mix)           

PA Foster ~


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