Urgent Fosters needed-----these guys and Wags needs your help now.

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Subject: Urgent Fosters needed-----these guys and Wags needs your help now.
Date: June 6th 2016

Neville Tay is a 1.5 year old male PBT/lab mix.  He came to Wags as a puppy with his sisters (they got to come to pa and get adopted as puppies) but Neville missed the bus twice due to illness and then he just didn't get picked and became an adult dog while in boarding which didn't allow for him to mature so he is still mentally a puppy in a big dog body.  He is energetic and sweet.  He is over excited about cats and should not be around them.  Neville finally got a foster in NC and was doing well when he got called up to PA.  He got a first time foster who's older dog didn't like him and after  week he had to move, his second Pa foster has a cat and now he has to move.  He can't get sent to boarding again.  He can't get sent back to NC.  (but sadly these are the only two options if Neville doesn't get a Pa foster without a cat to step up ---or a foster willing to keep him away from the cat) His best friend in NC was a beagle.  He likes people and other dogs but as with all foster dogs a slow introduction over a couple days is advised.   Please E-mail fosters@wagsrescue.com if you can foster this sweet boy and change his horrible luck so he can find his forever home in PA

Tommy need a foster because his foster has become ill and cannot take care of him at this time.  He needs about 6 more weeks of crate rest due to the surgery on his leg.  He is not meant to get over excited but he can come to events and find his forever home during those 6 weeks.    He cannot be fostered in a home with cats as they are way to exciting.  He is good with other dogs and people. Please help Tommy!

Ebeneezer has been living with a small child and other dogs.  He prefers submissive females.  He doesn't prefer cats.  His current foster has to move and we only have a couple more days to find him a foster or he will be out in the streets.  Who can help this entertaining boy find his forever home by being willing to foster him. 

TinkBell is desperate for a foster.  He was in a foster but the resident dogs got snarky and TinkBell accepted the challenge which lost him his foster home.  He would do well with submissive female dogs and slow intros.  He is beautiful and sweet.  He has been in boarding since he lost his foster and he is starting to become hopeless.  Please help Tink, he really needs a place to stay until his forever person comes along. 

The only way Wags can save dogs is if Fosters open their homes so they have a safe place to stay until their new families can find them.   It is never a safe place for a rescue dog to be when there is no where for them.   Please help these boys by being willing to foster one of them.  I know they are big,  I know it will be be an effort but you will be saving their lives they have no where to go---that is good.   Any offers will be considered. Feel free to talk friends into fostering if they are looking for a big male pit mix. 

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