Only 5 days until transport and there are only 4 foster commitments. Help!!! Part 1

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Subject: Only 5 days until transport and there are only 4 foster commitments. Help!!! Part 1
Date: June 14th 2016

Hi Fosters,

Many fosters still have dogs from last transport and there are a ton more that need to come up  to find their forever homes.  If you haven't fostered in a while or are a summer foster, this would be a good time to commit to helping save a dog.  You not only help the dog you choose to foster, but you open a spot for a dog to go into foster and a spot at the shelter.  It's like a 2 for 1 deal.

I will be sending the wish list in two parts as it crashed my computer trying to send all at once last night.  So let me know your top 3 choices from each list or OUR DOGS tab.

Second List will come out later today when I get done work--Unless my computer cooperates in the next 20 minutes--So wait to e-mail your choices until you have both lists. 

Thanks for all you do to help save dogs.  Foster based rescues cannot exist without fosters!!!   So Thank you for saving them!

Anise H. Wilson, F, GSD mix, 10 months old, 33 lbs, Good with dogs, kids
Beauregard H. Wilson, M, Shih Tsu, 10 yrs, 15 lbs, great with other dogs
Cameron, M, German Shepherd, 18 months #lbs

Channing H. Wilson, M, Yorkie mix, 10 lbs, great with kids and dogs


Cinderella H. Wilson, 4-5 yr old White Shepherd mix, loves kids and other dogs
Demeter (Demi) & Gaia, F, Cattle Dog mix, 10 wks, good with dogs and kids, 15 lbs

Dolly, F, Beagle/Chihuahua mix, 1 yr, 7 lbs
Esmerelda, F, Beagle/Shepherd mix, 5 yrs, 41 lbs, good with dogs, kids

Gigi, F, Chihuahua mix, 2 yrs, 7.5 lbs,
Hank, M, German Shepherd mix, 1 yr

Harlequin, F, German Shepherd mix, 1 yr, 43 lbs
Higbee, M, German Shepherd, 5 yrs, great with dogs and kids, 65 lbs
Jenny From The Block, F, JRT mix, 1 yr, 19 lbs, good with dogs and kids

Jessie, F, Pomeranian mix, 17 lbs, good with kids, cats, and dogs
Joey Lilac, M, Pitbull mix, 3 lbs, good with dogs
Jordan, M, Pomeranian, 11 yrs, 11 lbs, loves kids and dogs
Jose, M, Chihuahua mix, 4 yrs, 10 lbs, good with dogs
Kreiger, M, GSD, 18 months, 81 lbs, good with dogs

Lacey, F, Aussie mix, 1 yr, 51 lbs, good with dogs
Lester, M, Schnauzer mix, 2 yrs, good with dogs, better with older kids
Macy Ruggles, F, Puggle, 30 lbs, great with kids and dogs
Mabel & Maude, F, Lab mix, 4 months, 23 & 18 lbs, great with dogs, DEMODEX treated
Margaret Mary (Zoey), F, Yorkie, 2 yrs, 10 lbs, good with dogs

Misty, F, Schnauzer mix, 7 yrs, 22 lbs, good with dogs and kids
Naomi, F, Staffordshire mix, 2 yrs, 36 lbs, HW TRX***
Oddie, M, German Shepherd, 4 months, 25 lbs, great with dogs

Opal, F, Boxer mix, 3 yrs, 44 lbs
Oreo Milkshake, M, Lab mix, 3 yrs, 58 lbs, good with kids and dogs
Otto, M, Otterhound mix, 3yrs, 58 lbs, great with kids and dogs
Rockale, F, Chihuahua, 1 yr, 8lbs
Rockport, M, Chihuahau, 1 yrs, 8 lbs
Sailor, F, GSD, 2yrs, 51 lbs, good with kids and dogs
Sia, F, 6 months, 20 lbs, great with kids and dogs
Slapstick, M, Chi/Terrier mix, 2 yrs, 20 lbs, HW TREATED ***
Snowball, F, Lab mix, 1 yr, 40 lbs
Starla, F,Chihuahua mix, 10 yrs, 8 lbs
Ted, Lab/Shep mix, 1 yr, 30 lbs, good with dogs
Teddy Riggins, M, Puggle, 3 yrs, 20 lbs, great with dogs, cats and kids
Willa Mae, F, Chihuahua, 5 yrs, 10 lbs
Bios in process and getting pics for new dogs:
Hubble (Dobie pup) 9 wks, M
Chapman (Lab/Golden mix)M,  1 yr
Midnight Lily F,  (Black Lab) 1 yr
Cameron (German Shepherd) M, 18 months
Marine (German Shepherd) F, 3 yrs
Bartholomew (Black Lab) M, 1-2 years
Barcelona (Black Lab/Shepherd mix) Female, 2 yrs, 40 lbs
Beowolf, M,  (Black Lab/Shepherd mix), 50 lbs,
Liesl, F (Golden/Lab mix), 10-11 months

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