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Date: July 9th 2016

Hey Fosters,

Hope you are all having a great summer so far!  There will be two newsletters for the transport wish list.  Please let me know if you can foster any of the dogs on this list.  Give me your top 5 choices and then I will ask the same again for the second newsletter.  Please consider taking a foster if you haven't had one recently.  There are lots of fosters away for the summer and the shelters down South are full to bursting.  If you foster one dog it opens up slots for two other dogs to be saved.  If you are a new foster and have questions please ask..  If you are an old foster and have questions please ask.  No dog can get on transport without a foster committed to taking that dog (unless it is adopted).  So if they don't have fosters they don't come.

Thanks for fostering--it is the only way Wags can help save their lives.

Anise – ADOPTED, F, 1 yr GSD mix, 40 lbs

Atlanta, M, 10 yr Chi, 7 lbs, HW trx 7/13/16, good with dogs of all sizes, likes kids but would love a quiet home

Bartholomew, M, 2-3 yr Lab mix, 51 lbs, loves dogs, super sweet

Bobby Brindle, 8 mo old Doxie mix, 14 lbs, loves kids and dogs!

Chico, M, 2 yrs, Chi mix, 6.6 lbs, good with dogs and people (can be an attention hog though)

Dakota – Adopted, 8 yr Shih Tsu terrier mix, 23 lbs

Elvis, M, wirehaired terrier mix, 10 weeks, 9 lbs, good with dogs, sweet

Espresso, F, Choc Lab mix, 5 months, 24 lbs, tripod, loves kids, dogs and everyone ***

Gentle “Tilly” F, 10 yr old Shih Tsu mix, 9 lbs, good with dogs, best with older kids, quiet home

Greek Gods Pups – Adonis, Apollo, Aries, Athena, Hermes (4 male, 1 female, 3-4 lbs) Chi mix?



Jordan M, Pomeranian, 11 yrs, 11 lbs, good with kids and dogs

Lacey, F, 1 yr old Aussie mix, 51 lbs, treated for demodex, good with dogs, not good with cats, loves people

Lady Antebellum, F, Yorkie, 12 yrs, good with dogs, best in quiet home with older kids

Lemonade, F, 9 wks, Beagle mix, 6.5 lbs, good with kids, dogs

Mirabella, F, 3 yrs, Corgi mix, 43 lbs, loves kids and dogs, OK with cats

Natty, F, 2 yr old, Bassett Hound, 61 lbs, good with dogs, loves people, chill

Odin, M, 10 months Wheaton mix, 48 lbs, loves dogs, a little shy but loves people ADOPTED?

Sandi, F, 2 yr old Rottweiler, 100 lbs

Schwarz, M, 4 yr old Lab mix, 46 lbs, great with dogs, loves everyone

Scooter, M, 4 month Beagle, 18 lbs, good with dogs and cats

Simeone, M, 1 yr, Border Collie/Aussie mix, 43 lbs, ADOPTED

Snoopy, M, 4 yr, Beagle, 21 lbs, good with kids and dogs, must have high fence or leash walk

Starla, F, 10 yr, Chi mix, 8lbs, good with kids and dogs

Winston Roy, M, 2 yrs, Boxer mix, 53 lbs, loves people, great with dogs and sniffs but doesn’t chase cats


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