July 17 Transport list part 2

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.com>
Subject: July 17 Transport list part 2
Date: July 10th 2016

Hey Fosters---Please let me know your top 6 picks for both lists ASAP so we can get them on the bus.  My goal is to cover as many dogs as possible--so we don't always get our first choice.  If you would like to foster this round and are not sure who to pick--ask and I can make suggestions.  If  a dog doesn't have an adopter or foster ---they cannot come on transport.  Please help them get a chance to come to PA to get adopted.


Ann Wilson (FS/3yrs/9lbs/HW-/chi)            



Apple Ale (FS/2yrs/50lbs/HWT/pit mix)              



Benny (MN/1.5yrs/62lbs/HW-/GSD)                



Boy Names for Girls Pups (DOB 3/20/16/10lbs on 5/12/16/shepX)

Parker Girl(f)                         

Briella (FS/7m/25lbs on 5/31/16/HW-/terrierX)              

Camber (FS/3yrs/55lbs/HWT/pitbull)            

Carmichael (MN/1.5yrs/42lbs/HW-/flatcoatedret)          

Cattywampus (FS/5yrs/40lbs/HWT/pitX)             



Clara (FS/1.5yrs/56lbs/HW-/pitbullX)                 



Dickens (NM/2yrs/62lbs/pit mix/HWT)                 



Eleanor Rigby (FS/3yrs/65lbs/HW-/pitbull)           



Erik (MN/7m/36lbs on 5/2/16)                     



Fancy (FS/1yr/50lbs/HW-/australianshepX)          



Fawn (F/5.5m/15lbs/PitbullX)                  



Helios (MN/1yr/45lbs/HW-/GSDX)                 



The J Boys (12w/20lbs on 5/31/16)                  




The J Girls (16w/25lbs on 5/31/16)                   

                                    PA Foster -

    Jessamy(fs) Adopted                     



Jana (FS/<1yr/37lbs/HW-/pit X)                 



Mills (M/6w/5lbs on 6/22/16)



Palmetto (MN/2yrs/40lbs/HW-/pitbullX)            



Pasta Pups x 10 (6w/7lbs on 6/10/16)                 

                                    PA Foster -Jen M taking 2

    Riga’Toni (f)                           

    Farfalle (f)

    Spaghetti (f)

    Fiori (f)

    Penne (f)

    Capellini (f)

    Cavatelli (m)

    Paparadelli (m)

    Ravioli (m)

    Tortellini (m)           



Rumor (SF/1.5yrs/42lbs/HWT/sharpeiX)               



Samurai (MN/2yrs/76lbs/HW-/Dobi)                 


Scam (MN/9m/17lbs on 6/17/16/HW-/spanielX)          

  Adoption Pending                           


Sutter (SF/2yrs/50lbs/HW-/pitbullX)              



Tapas (F/5m/?lbs on 7/12/16/retX)              



Tyson (MN/10yrs/72lbs/HW-/shepX)               



Wolfman Jack (MN/5yrs/57lbs/HWT/chowX)            



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