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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: February 19th 2015

Hello Ladies and Gents!

BIG events this weekend!

We have our "Lending a Paw" event Friday 6-9. A benefit for the Ochal's! I hope you all got your tickets!

Then we have a very large event Sunday, with a 7AM start! The event is 1-4, at HVH. Please sign up on the signup genius, if you are not core volunteers at : http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f094fa5a728a4f58-hvhevent1

If any extra hands can make it at 7AM, let me know!

Please make sure to review the protocols on Facebook, or ask for paper copies at the event. I just want to keep everyone working on the same page! We truly have the best volunteers!

If you have been browsing for a foster, please make sure o check Facebook, or your foster newsletter! the move open homes we have the more room to save more! Please make sure to let Emily or Colleen know you picks, so they can best match up for you!

Thank you all! Feel free to ask any questions!

Jeannie <3

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