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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: April 8th 2015

Hello Ladies and Gents!

Here's the sign up for this week's event. All core volunteers and fosters do not need to sign up. Everyone else please sign up!


We will have a 12PM expected arrival from GA. We need to work fast getting dogs walked, fed/watered. and walked again: by the 1PM start.

I will be lining up all arrivals on the right hand side wall again, as we did last GA transport. I will want NO OTHER DOGS on that wall. We will need all crates set up with cared for sheets an blank bios. As dogs come off transport remember their name tag. I will have a volunteer assigned to every puppy pen. Sanitize hands between litters, and ESPECIALLY from a GA dog to a PA dog. We want to continue to keep down the spread of illness. Make sure each crate is cleaned between dogs and at the end of the event. Please make sure to check in at the desk. Fosters please sign up with your name, your dogs name and if you are staying. Volunteers sign in with email.

Below I've attached all of your documents to review. Please actually read them. It really helps cut down on answering the same questions over and over.

Thanks all!

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