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Date: April 23rd 2015

Ladies and Gents:

Here is is, the big weekend of the month, and here is the break down.

SATURDAY: It is Pet adoption weekend, and PetValu at Baederwood in Jenkintown is hosting us! Its 10-3, and I'd love to see everyone come out! Hold a dog, bring a dog! Come out, support us and bring some friends.

SUNDAY: Its an early rise to walk, feed and water our NC crew! 7AM start! The event is 1-4, and the more hands to help at the end, the faster clean up will be! Fosters need to arrive around 12, to get all of our preapprovals pumping out early!

All NON CORE volunteers, NON fosters, or first timers sign up here: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F094FA5A728A4F58-hvh4262015 If you are a first timer, check in with me, I will need a waiver signed.

We do the sign ups at HVH, because its a big event, but too many volunteers make things a bit congested. Please remember to respect the building, stay away from the back rooms (Room 5 and on), and remember to keep everyone and every dog safe. No nose to nose, short leashes, stay clear of doors and the front steps, close crates, etc. Also keep in mind each crate will be marked for a dog, don't just put any dog into any crate. Crates need to be cleaned between dogs. Use gloves when cleaning up. Be mindful of kids- and all kids need to have a parent with them, volunteer or not. Address issues if you see them, and if you aren't comfortable doing so, please find me or another core volunteer.

Am I missing anything? I bet I am...

AND: we still need fosters! We all love to see that van full, and those happy safe dogs, so please consider fostering! Keep an eye out for the foster newsletter!

Thank you all!

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