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Date: April 25th 2015

Hello again!

Its easier just to quote Alyssa:

Lots of people stopped by the event and several people said they are headed to Horsham tomorrow to check out the new dogs so get geared up for a busy event tomorrow!. Fosters, be there by 12 for pre-approved adopter hour. General event is 1pm to 4pm. Still need help for the 7am transport arrival and clean up at 330pm. Fosters who are leaving with dogs should arrive around 330p to help sort out who is taking who, who off your preferred list was adopted, and to sign up to take some of the "left over" doggies. Bring a snack to share for the back room for volunteers / fosters. Please DONT bring baked goods. we have plenty of them left from the sale today. Anything that does look sell ready will probably end up in the back room for volunteers to munch on. Don't forget to wear your Wags T or Sweatshirt as per Kim's previous post about the film crew. If you have any questions, please ask.


So 7AM start for walking and feeding. Please consider staying late to clean up!


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