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Date: May 27th 2015

Hello hello!


Sunday, 7AM start to get dogs unloaded, walked and fed! The sign up genius starts at 12- when we can thin out volunteer hands, but before and after (4 and on) the event, we need all hands we can get! I made slots for 4-6, just to make sure we will have people to help, more are welcome! Remember sign ups are for non-core volunteers. New volunteers, check in for a run down of activities and a waiver to sign. Please remember to sign in as well.


No nose to nose with dogs- even the best dogs can be stressed at events. Please keep the steps at the entrance of HVH clear. Its a serious issue, and we do not want any dog or anyone hurt. Crate doors should be closed, and once a dog is in a crate, do not move them or just stuff a dog in the crate. Clean crates between use. Please remember to stay out of the back area past room 4. The ladies are very busy with medicals and processing. If you are not sure of an answer, find someone for the correct answer. Puppies need to stay separated, and hands sanitized from litter to litter- and ideally between dog to dog. Please watch kids- and find their adults. If someone is interested in a dog, they can see them, but more than 5-10 minutes, and we need the rooms cleared out, and apps filled out.

If you have questions, please ask! We all just want to help each other so we can better help the dogs!

Fosters- Please arrive between 11:30-12, as pre-approved adopters will be coming early. Make sure to leave info and bios on each of your dogs, and get a run down of your dogs needs or behavior before leaving.

I really want to take time to thank everyone for all your hard work and dedication, at every level. We look around and see the changes we are making, lives we are helping save, and its amazing. Its something I hope we can all share and encourage others, no matter whats going on in their lives, they can add a little good to the world. There are over 100 people on this newsletter, and that's amazing to know that many people are out there caring about the dogs. This is a hard time as shelters and rescues fill to the brim, while vacation season starts, so there are less places to put dogs. So if you are looking to take a leap, consider fostering too, if your situation allows. Thank you all for your help! We are an amazing group!


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