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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: July 16th 2015


This weekend we have two events.

Friday 6-9 at:

Pet Valu
211 Easton Rd
Warrington PA 18976

We will need hands to hold dogs, and help answering questions. Adoptions will not be held there, they will be held off until Sunday. Anyone wanting to commit to a dog is to report to Amanda so she can keep the list.

Sunday is our BIG arrival day. Get in your lists now for fosters! Event is 1-4, but we have approved and committed adopters coming before (starting around 10 if they have a dog off the arrival, and around 11 for a foster, then 12 for approvals).

We have a 7AM start, until clean up (6 or so). We need all hands on deck. The 7 AM arrivals, NC arrivals, will be using almost all of the crates, so please bring any you have. Our late arrival, the GA arrival, Will be set up to go into crates on the right hand side. Please leave those open for those dogs as you come in/out. Please remember to clean crates between dogs, as this is the most important day to do so. Double leashed. Crate doors closed. Do not sit in front of door. No nose to nose. Keep back area clear past room 4 for the ladies handling paperwork and issues. Room 2 is for dog food and should be used as a walk through. 15 minute meets inside rooms. Without an application in, no puppy hoarding. Sanitize hands between litters!!!!!!!!!!!! Any first time volunteer needs to go to the front table and ask for me (or Amanda). No parking on grass. If you come, sign in, so we know who is available, and which fosters are there. Kids need to be watched by parents. If you find a child, return them to their owner.

I am sure I am forgetting some stuff, so please review the volunteer outline, or grab one at an event.

Thank you all for such wonderful commitment!


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