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Subject: Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message
Date: September 10th 2015

Hello hello!!!

So we have a big weekend coming up!

Friday we will be at the Pet Valu in Warrington, 6-9! The more dogs come the better, and we will need just as many hands on deck as well!

Sunday is the big arrival day! 7AM START! The open event is 1-4, but preapprovals for out arrivals will be there as early as 10:30. This is a long day, bring a snack, bring a baked good for the sale, but just don't forget your leash! It will be a long day of walking and feeding dogs, so please come in shifts, take breaks, and don't forget about clean up! We have core volunteers whoa re there all day doing adoptions, paperwork and behind the scenes work who are there all day- haivng htem there for set up and alone for clean up isn't fair. Lets make sure to be there at 4 to help!

Don't forget, next week in BINGO!!! Friday at the KofC in Glenside! Get your tickets Sunday and turn in your last minute donations this weekend!!!

Thank you all!

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