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Date: September 8th 2015

We have a Transport Sunday !!!!!!!! All hands on deck.  

Transport on Sunday needs fosters. Please let Emily know if you can foster someone this round.  Lots to choose from.  Let her know your top 6 picks.

Email Emily at Fosters@wagsrescue.com with your pics.  North Carolina is DROWNING in dogs, all foster homes are well above their limits, if you have not fostered or have been thinking of it , now is the time !!!!!!!!!!!



Aunt Bea (SF/1yr/36lbs/HW-)    


Aviana (SF/1yr/38lbs/HW-)  


Baloo (NM/1.5yrs/64.1lbs/HW-)               


Bob Marley (NM/1.5yrs/57lbs/HW-)   


Boccie (NM/1yr/44lbs/HW-)   


Braithwaite Rose (SF/8m/40lbs/HW- on 8/18/15)   


Brit Pups x 2 (12w/15lbs on 8/12/15)       Photos/bio/post coming

  • Palmer(f)

  • Jolson(m)


Brock (NM/2yrs/60lbs/HW-)   


Butterball (NM/6.5yrs/45lbs/HW-)          


Cesar Romero (NM/3yrs/55lbs/HWT)   


Colonel Klink (NM/6yrs/41lbs/HWT)       


Connor                 Photos/bio/post coming


Cottage Rose (SF/8m/32lbs/HW- on 8/18/15)   


Cyprus (NM/4yrs/72lbs/HW-)    

      Diego Rivera (NM/?/35lbs/HW-)

Dobby (NM/1yr/45lbs/HW-)    

Edwina Mama (SF/3yrs/42lbs/HWT)


Fine Stationary  Pups x 4 (9w/10lbs on 8/27/15)

  • Crane(m)   

  • William Arthur(m)  

  • Stacy Clair(f)   

  • Binth(f)


Fisher (SF/1.5yrs/47lbs/HW-)    


Frazier Pups x 4 (8w/9lbs on 8/20/15)

  • Niles(m)  

  • Martin(m)   

  • Daphne(f)    

  • Roz(f)    


Freddy K (NM/3yrs/60lbs/HW-)   


Golda Meir (SF/8yrs/53lbs/HW-)    


Gracie Allison (SF/<1yr/42lbs/HW-)   


Hank (NM/2yrs/45lbs/HW-)   


Jesse White Socks (NM/<5m/27lbs on 7/30/15/HW-)   


Jimi Hendrix Pups x 5 (6w/5lbs on 7/30/15)         

  • Hey Joe(m)   

  • Purple Haze(m)  

  • Wind Cries Mary(f)   

  • Fire(f)    

  • Foxy Lady(f)   


Keen (F/1.5yrs/40lbs/HW-)    


Kenley (F/9m/22lbs/HW-)    


Layton Docks (SF/<1yr/30lbs/HW-)    


Leslie Docks (SF/<1yr/30lbs/HW-)


MacKayla (F/6m/20lbs on 8/20/15)  


Mayberry Pups x 5 (10w/15lbs on 8/23/15)               


McGee (NM/1.6yr/64lbs/HW-)   


Meme (Sf/1.5yrs/33lbs/HW-)    


Naomi Judd (SF/10yrs/6lbs/HW-)    


Odie Mama (F/2yrs/53lbs/HWT)


Old MacDonald Pups Group 1 (9w/10lbs on 8/20/15)

  • Neigh Neigh(m)

  • Moo Moo(m)

  • Bow Wow(m)

  • Quack Quack(f)   

  • Bah Bah(f)   

  • Meow Meow(f)     

  • Oink Oink(m)   

  • Cluck Cluck(m)   

  • Peep Peep(f)

  • Gobble Gobble(f)


Pappy (NM/5yrs/?/HW-)   


Penelope (SF/3yrs/30lbs/HW-)    


Peter Piper (NM/1.5yrs/30lbs/HW-)        


Phoenix (NM/1.6yrs/95??/HW-)   


Pirate Pup ~ Calico Jack (10w/20lbs on 9/3/15)                   


Princess Peach (SF/<1yr/36lbs/HW-)     


Purdy Mama (SF/2yrs/44lbs/HW-)


Purdy Pups x 9 (3.5w on 7/30/15)  


Rascal Flatts (M/2.5yrs/55lbs/HW-)   


Rho Pups x 2 (11w on 8/5/15)     Photos/bio/post coming

  • Emmie Rho(f)

  • Gracie Rho(f)


Roger Cowboy (NM/7m/39lbs on 7/16/15)    


Roy Cowboy (NM/1yr/42lbs on 7/16/15)  


Seneca (SF/1.5yrs/46lbs/HW-)   


Shasta (SF/4yrs/65lbs/HW-)    


Shirley Tay (SF/6m/25lbs/HW-)   


Skylar Rae (SF/1.5yrs/38lbs/HWT)   


Sputnik (SF/7m/36lbs/HW-)   


Steelers Pups x 3 (7w/8lbs on 9/3/15)

  • Lynn Swann(f)

  • Stealer(f)

  • Big Ben(m)  


Sweet Relish Mama (F/3yrs/15lbs/HW-)    


Sweet Relish Pups x 5 (9w/7lbs on 8/27/15)

  • Dill(m)    

  • Bread(m)   

  • Butter(m)   

  • Gherkin(f)    

  • Kosher(f)    


Tazzie    Photos/bio/post coming


Tiffany Rose (SF/8m/40lbs/HW- on 8/18/15)   


Tiger (NM/1-2yrs/45lbs/HW-)    


Tinker Wink (SF/14yrs/8lbs/HW-)   


Toast Pups x 5

  • Cinnamon Toast(m)  

  • French Toast(m)   

  • Butter Toast(m)

  • Cheese Toast(f)   

  • Peanut Butter Toast(f)   


Tom Cruise (NM/8yrs/60lbs/HWT)   


Ton (NM/5yrs/62/HWT)   


Tony (NM/1.5/50lbs/HWT)   


Yoda (M/<2/50lbs/HW-)


Wahlberg Bros. (9w/10lbs on 8/20/15)

  • Donnie(m)   

  • Mark(m)  


Weezer (NM/2yrs/41lbs/HWT)    


Weezy Dash (NM/4yrs/6lbs/HW-)


Zippity Do Dog (NM/2yrs/50lbs/HWT)   


Zsa Zsa Gabor (SF/3yrs/55lbs/HWT)        

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