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Date: September 12th 2015

Plan for tomorrow Sunday Sept 13, 2015:

Horsham Vet

7:00-9:00 Walk water feed

9:00-10:30 Set-up and run to shed
( Ed Gavin will need help ...I need one or 2 volunteers to pls help

Text him @(215) 498-3921

10:30-12:00 Committed adopters arrive and surrenders arrive

11:30 All foster dogs should be at Horsham

12:00-1:00 Pre-Approved adopters

1:00-4:00 Event...WILL BE BUSY

4:00-4:30 Foster pick -up

4:30-6:00 Clean up and back to shed!! NEED HELP HERE, we are all tired and want to go home too

PLEASE BRING A SNACK TO SHARE.....breakfast, lunch or snack!!

Thanks in advance❤️❤️ 

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