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Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message

Sent September 24th 2015

Helllo Hello! See you all at HVH this Sunday! Its a 1-4 event, but we will need help starting around 11! See you all there! Jeannie ...

Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message

Sent September 10th 2015

Hello hello!!! So we have a big weekend coming up! Friday we will be at the Pet Valu in Warrington, 6-9! The more dogs come the better, and we will need just as many hands on deck as well! Sunday is the big arrival day! 7AM START! The open event is 1-4, but preapprovals for out arrivals will be there as early as 10:30. This is a long day, bring a snack, bring a baked good for the sale, but just don't forget your leash! It will be a long day of walking and feeding dogs, so please come in shifts, take breaks, and don...

Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message

Sent August 11th 2015

Hello, hello!! This weekend is very exciting! Friday is 6-9 at Warrington Pet Valu! Come out to help us showcase our dogs! Sunday is our big day of the month!! Arrivals start at 7AM, so we will need all hands on deck! We will need help at the shed, as well. Please bring a snack to share , or event a baked good for the bake sale! Committed arrival pre-approvals will start around 10/10:30, then the rest of the committed adopters and pre-approvals to follow. Open event is 1-4. We will need help with clean up, too! W...

Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message

Sent July 16th 2015

HELLO AGAIN! This weekend we have two events. Friday 6-9 at: Pet Valu 211 Easton Rd Warrington PA 18976 We will need hands to hold dogs, and help answering questions. Adoptions will not be held there, they will be held off until Sunday. Anyone wanting to commit to a dog is to report to Amanda so she can keep the list. Sunday is our BIG arrival day. Get in your lists now for fosters! Event is 1-4, but we have approved and committed adopters coming before (starting around 10 if they have a dog off the arrival, and ar...

Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message

Sent June 20th 2015

Hello!! Please make sure to take a look at the website on events this weekend. Tomorrow we will be at the car show (address posted) 10-3! Come out as we can use rotating help throughout the day! SUNDAY- TRANSPORT! 7AM start! Pre-adopted dogs will start pick up around 11, preapprovals arrive at 12, and the evnt is 1-4, with clean up to follow! We need the most help before AND AFTER the event. We are also in dire need of fosters! So now is the time, please step up! We also need cratres returned, donated, etc. WE ARE ...

Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message

Sent June 12th 2015

Hello! This weekend, we will be looking for fosters at both events, as well as volunteers to help with holding dogs (for people like me with multiple fosters, or puppies, etc). The Mad Golfer on Street Rd in Southhampton with be hosting an event for us, sponsored by PetValu! We will be there 11-3! Sunday we are back to Pet Supply Plus in Warrington 12-3! Details on the website http://www.wagsrescue.com/ Lets get some dogs moving! NEXT WEEK THE NEW ARRIVALS COME! See you all soon! Thank you so much for your continuo...

Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message

Sent June 12th 2015


Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message

Sent May 27th 2015

Hello hello! IT THAT TIME AGAIN! Sunday, 7AM start to get dogs unloaded, walked and fed! The sign up genius starts at 12- when we can thin out volunteer hands, but before and after (4 and on) the event, we need all hands we can get! I made slots for 4-6, just to make sure we will have people to help, more are welcome! Remember sign ups are for non-core volunteers. New volunteers, check in for a run down of activities and a waiver to sign. Please remember to sign in as well. www.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F094FA5A728A4F58...

Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message

Sent April 30th 2015

Hello Hello! Here we are again, the weekend approaches! We will have GA arrivals! We have 11:00 start up time! I want all of the GA arrivals to the right again. It just helps sort us out! Fosters arrival is around 12:15. Please be prepared for chaos. Pre approvals come around 12:30. Please use the sign up if you are not a foster or core volunteers! ...

Wags Volunteers Newsletter Message

Sent April 25th 2015

Hello again! Its easier just to quote Alyssa: " Lots of people stopped by the event and several people said they are headed to Horsham tomorrow to check out the new dogs so get geared up for a busy event tomorrow!. Fosters, be there by 12 for pre-approved adopter hour. General event is 1pm to 4pm. Still need help for the 7am transport arrival and clean up at 330pm. Fosters who are leaving with dogs should arrive around 330p to help sort out who is taking who, who off your preferred list was adopted, and to sign ...

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