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Sent October 17th 2015

Plans for Sunday Sunday Oct 18: 2  OUTSIDE events.... Dress accordingly!! 1. PET VALU Halloween Event 10 am - 12 pm Pet Valu 211 Easton Rd Warrington PA 18976 Pls have your fosters there  early...the store has had lots of calls about this event! 2.HUGE  30th Anniversary! Sun, Oct 18th 1 pm - 4 pm Horsham Vet 971 Horsham Rd Horsham PA 19044 Pls arrive at 11:00 for set up!! 11:00-12:00 Set up, walk, water and feed! **shed run for needed supplies** 11:30-12:30 Fosters arrive...tons of applications a...

Wags Newsletter Message

Sent September 12th 2015

Plan for tomorrow Sunday Sept 13, 2015: Horsham Vet 7:00-9:00 Walk water feed 9:00-10:30 Set-up and run to shed ( Ed Gavin will need help ...I need one or 2 volunteers to pls help Text him @(215) 498-3921 10:30-12:00 Committed adopters arrive and surrenders arrive 11:30 All foster dogs should be at Horsham 12:00-1:00 Pre-Approved adopters 1:00-4:00 Event...WILL BE BUSY 4:00-4:30 Foster pick -up 4:30-6:00 Clean up and back to shed!! NEED HELP HERE, we are all tired and want to go home too PLEASE BRING A SNACK...

Wags Newsletter Message

Sent September 8th 2015

We have a Transport Sunday !!!!!!!! All hands on deck.   Transport on Sunday needs fosters. Please let Emily know if you can foster someone this round.  Lots to choose from.  Let her know your top 6 picks. Email Emily at Fosters@wagsrescue.com with your pics.  North Carolina is DROWNING in dogs, all foster homes are well above their limits, if you have not fostered or have been thinking of it , now is the time !!!!!!!!!!! Aunt Bea (SF/1yr/36lbs/HW-)     Aviana (SF/1yr/38lbs/HW-...


Sent August 15th 2015

Plan for Sunday  8/16 @ Horsham Vet:  7:00 -9:00 walk water and feed   9:00 -10:00 set up and shed run   ( Ed will need help... Pls text for time and info (215) 498-3921)  10:00-11:00 committed adopters    11:00 -12:00 surrenders   12:00-1:00 pre-approved adopters   1:00-4:00 event ( expected to be busy....rest up)  4:00-4:30  foster pickup   4:00-6:00 clean up and return to shed    WE WILL BE WORKING ...


Sent August 1st 2015

Plans for Sunday August 2 11:00   Set up and shed run, please text Ed at 215-498-3921 for time and details. 12:00 Pre approved adopter arrinve  1:00-4:00 event 5:00-6:00 clean up and shed Please bring a snack to share Please spread the word that we are looking for foster, the summer is super high for shelter turn ins and real short for fosters because of vacations.  Spread the word on facebook  because our North Carolina end is in desperate need for fosters. Thank you  Fran ...


Sent July 18th 2015

 Plans for HUGE EVENT Sunday 7-19-15 All hands on deck! *We need all available crates....got a crate we can borrow ??? Plaster your name on it so you get it back!** 7:00-9:00 Walk water and feed 9:00-10:00 Set up and Shed run ( Ed will need help at some point going to shed ... Contact Ed for time  @ edsrotties@verizon.net) 11:00-12:00 Evaluate surrenders and committed adopters 12:00-1:00 Pre-approved adopters arrive Walk water and feed (second round) 1:00-4:00 HUGE EVENT 3:30-5:00 Foster pick-u...

Wags Newsletter Message

Sent July 11th 2015

Fundraiser time, please check out our web page and facebook page to see what dogs we have and need coverage for and also check out our fundraisers going on.  A part of rescue is fundraising and without fundraising and donations we can not keep going.  So head on over to facebook and share, share, share.  Look at these AWESOME designs.  Keep Collective is a line of afordable jewelry, and what is special about it is YOU design it.  Use it to tell your story, what is your story?  Mine would b...

Wags Newsletter Message

Sent June 23rd 2015

Next event -  Fri- June 26th from 6 pm - 9 pm Pet Valu located at 211 Easton Rd Warrington PA 18976  Sat- June 27th from 12 pm - 3 pm are at Pet Valu 1627 The Fairway Jenkintown PA 19046 Do you use Purina products? If so go to this link and find out how else you can help Wags. Wags needs FOSTER families, this is the time of year were surrenders are at an all time high and foster homes are at an all time low.  If you were thinking about fostering now would be a g...

Sunday's event

Sent May 1st 2015

Plan for SUNDAY May 3: 11:00 -12:00 set up and walk water and feed 12:00-1:00 evaluated surrenders 1:30-4:30 event 4:00-5:30 foster pick up and clean up! PLS bring a snack to share Ask fosters to bring crates! 4:30-5:30 clean up and shed ...


Sent April 11th 2015

Plan for 4/12/15: 11:00 -12:00 Set up 11:30-12:30 evaluate surrenders 12:00-1:00 walk water feed 1:00-1:30 pre-approved adopters arrive 1:30-4:30 event 4:30-5:00 fosters pick up 4:30-6:00 clean up and return to shed  ** PLS bring a snack to share...  Our GA girls will be hungry! ...

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