Wags Urgent Please help if you can --Need to Know ASAP

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Subject: Wags Urgent Please help if you can --Need to Know ASAP
Date: November 25th 2014

  We have a foster for this very prego momma who has a chance to get out of Hell.  She is at a shelter and in line for the heartstick.  We have a foster and Drivers to get her but only to Chambersburg Pa.  She will be arriving in Chambersburg around 3 or 4 on Friday (That's right the day after Thanksgiving).  Please let me know ASAP if you are willing to drive to get her and bring her to her waiting foster in Warrington.

This is Urgent!!!!  

 Josie needs a foster Friday after the event.  She is sweet but is a little afraid of men--Nothing a nice man with hot dog treats couldn't help her overcome thought... But she doesn't like cats----No CAT household.

Let me know asap.


Kind thoughts,


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