Urgent PUPPIES need foster tomorrow.

From: "Wags Fosters Newsletter" <fosters@wagsrescue.com>
Subject: Urgent PUPPIES need foster tomorrow.
Date: August 18th 2016

Hi Fosters,

Please take a moment to read through these new procedures.  Print a copy and keep near your dog license so they can be referred back to.  This is really important.  Let me know if you have any questions. 

Kind thoughts,


Wags Rescue – Adoption Procedures, Events
Once a pre-approved applicant decides on their dog all the following steps must happen PRIOR to the dog being handed over.
1. Payment is received via PayPal
2. Colleen Simeti receives Paypal receipt from Paypal and marks dog pending on Petfinder.
3. PayPal Receipt forwarded to Adoption Coordinator, Susan Snyder to assign to Adoption Processor.
4. Adoption Processors, either Kim Dyer or CarolAnn Irrera
a) Verify Applicant information, check for any restrictions in application
b) Contact Medical Coordinator, Cindy Mazzarella to verify UTD on vaccines and for any health issues
c) Locate dogs foster
d) Email agreement to applicant with instructions, cc to foster for information purposes only
e) Receive signed completed agreement back via email or fax
f) Forward completed agreement to Colleen and Cindy
5. Colleen removes dog post from Petfinder
6. Cindy emails adopter and cc’s Kim and/or CarolAnn the medical files.
7. Now that Wags has the COMPLETED AGREEMENT AND MEDICALS ARE WITH THE ADOPTER, Kim and/or CarolAnn will send the final email to adopter and cc the foster to contact and make arrangements with the foster to pick up the dog. The Specific instructions are in this email and must be followed. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN A FOSTER HAND OVER THE DOG UNTIL KIM OR CAROLANN GIVE THE OK
8. The dog can only be handed over at kennel approved locations. The foster homes are acceptable under Wags Kennel license. Parking lots, parks and unapproved pet supply stores are not.
9. Foster must verify, per the instructions in the email, that a tag, leash and collar are on the dog prior to leaving. Tag must have a minimum of adopters address and/or phone number.
10. Adopter should hand over the original adoption agreement, which foster is to bring to next Adoption Event
Wags Rescue and Referral is 501C organization recognized and operating under local and state(s) laws. Our organization is audited at a minimum of twice a year. We take pride in helping and saving the lives of the dogs we can. To do so we MUST follow rules and regulations. Hefty fines starting at $1,000.00 per infraction if the rules aren’t followed. Once the above steps take place, the work continues. All the paperwork needs to be loaded into our database for future reference and prepared for our next audit. We take pride in the care of our dogs and to continue our mission…we will take pride in our paperwork too.
Outside adoptions at locations such as PSP are handled in the same manner, but on the spot. All information required to complete adoption MUST be in our database. If medicals are not on file for your foster, the adoption will be placed on hold until medicals are made available. If your foster is seen by a local vet, please text Cindy Mazzarella at 215-605-4545. Include foster name and date they were seen at vet so medicals can be added to database

Dog Surrender/Return Information

Effective immediately all dog surrenders must go through the surrender coordinator, Lauren Campione Schoeler .....no exceptions. We have updated our surrender forms and are working on improving our procedure to better evaluate the dogs in need of being re-homed. If you are contacted by an adopter looking to return the dog please give them Lauren's contact info, 267-320-1482. Lauren or assistant coordinator Shelli Rheaume will make initial contact. The surrender team will then gather necessary information, including proof of UTD vaccinations with health history and schedule evaluation. After the evaluation and all necessary information is available, the decision to accept the dog into Wags will be made by Amy Myers orColleen Simeti, no exceptions. First priorities will always be given to former Wags dogs before local surrenders. Please note that not every dog can or will be accepted into Wags.

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