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Subject: WAGS NEWS
Date: May 7th 2014

Saturday May 10th

5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Horsham Vet

971 Horsham rd


3:30 We have to go to the shed for our supplies for set up (need lots of help as we will be short on time)

4:00 Fosters arrive

5:00 8:00 Event

800 -930 Clean up and return to shed we need help here

Sunday is Mothers days, we want all of our mothers to enjoy the day.  Mothers Day are for mothers of human and fur babies, for our fathers that are mothers.


Wags welcomes children but we need to remind everyone that they MUST be SUPERVISED.  This is for several reasons but most of all for the safety of everyone.  Please watch kids with the dogs, these events are very stressful on us humans and especially the dogs.  Kids should not be running around the hospital. Kids should not be allowed to poke and prod dogs in their cages, keep little fingers out of cages. Kids should not be standing, climbing or hanging on tables, scales,chairs,benches or doors. Lastly please clean up after any child that you bring.  We want our events to be safe for everyone and we don't want to see any of our younger volunteers and future dog rescuers hurt. 




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