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Subject: WAGS NEWS
Date: July 18th 2014

Sunday Event


Sunday July 20th from 1:30 to 4:30 at Horsham Vet Hospital at 971 Horsham Rd, Horsham Pa 19044

We will have TONS and TONS of puppies and dogs.  We also still need fosters, if we don't have fosters we can not commit to bringing dogs/puppies up and they die.  Hate to be so blunt but it is the truth, in order for us to save them we need fosters, without fosters, they die, so spread the word that we need great foster homes.  You can access the foster application on our site, and see our requirements for being a foster family.  Summertime is also hard on rescues as the foster homes slow down due to much deserved vacations, but the amount of dogs getting dumped does not stop.  

You can see our dogs and puppies on petfinder, and on our facebook page so don't forget to check us out.  



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